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Leather & Hardware

At Bija Collars, we select the highest quality leather and hardware available to create our collars, leashes, and belts. Functionality and durability are our top priority.

We work with two different kinds of leather:  Latigo Leather and Eco Leather

Latigo Leather

Latigo leather is one of the strongest and durable leathers available.  Apryl selects each hide and your collar strip is hand cut in our workshop.  Latigo leather becomes more supple over time and can handle the roughest of situations... swimming three times a day in the salty east bay waters.  It is commonly used for horse tack.  We recommend this leather if your dog is a daily or weekly swimmer.

Latigo leather is available in black, chocolate brown, burgundy, and saddle tan

Eco Leather

We purchase our Eco Leather from Organic Leather.  Eco Leather is real leather from cows that are free range, grass fed, and humanely raised.  Eco Leather is over 99% free from: Chrome, metal, formaldehyde, sodium sulphide, glutaraldenhyde and sulphuric acid, - it is vegetable tanned leather, tanned using farm bred mimosa and dyed using plant based dyes- we say 99% because there are trace amounts of metals used in the fixing process of the dyed hides. This is some of the cleanest leather available on the market.   Please visit Organic Leather for more information.  Eco Leather costs us a few more dollars but it's worth it.  We want to support the movement for a more sustainable earth and compassionate world.

Eco Leather is available in black or natural. The natural leather is completely free of dyes.

Eco Leather is a great choice if your dog prefers to just lay on a beach and soak up the sun.  It is also a good choice for the occasional swimmer. If you've got a water dog or daily swimmer, you should choose the latigo leather.


Bija Collars only uses the highest quality hardware available.  All hardware has been carefully researched, selected, and tested.   All hardware has been tested in the most adverse of conditions by our roughest and toughest Bija Collars product testers (eg. swimming three times a day in the salty east bay waters).  Hardware that passes our product testing resists rusts and retains it's strength and beauty under the most adverse conditions.


Solid Brass -available for all collar widths

Stainless Steel (available in 1", 3/4", and 1/2" collar widths).  We can taper a wider collar to 1" width to accomodate the stainless steel buckle)

Silver (Solid Brass with silver finish)- available for all collar widths